General Transportation Tips

Bring a Mobile GPS 

The number  one tip for transportation is if it all possible rent your own car!

Renting a car will be your cheapest most dependable way of getting around the Disney area the highways are well laid out with wonderful signage bring a GPS along with you.

If you do not wish to rent a car use “UBER “
Airport to Condo  $45
Condo to Disneyworld $12 (depends where)

Once you are in Disney World all the transportation is FREE you can jump on a bus a boat, gondola  or the monorail and there will be no cost!

If you bring your rental car to any Disney park and park it in the parking lot it will be approximately $30 per day

Uber Tips

Average Uber/Lyft cost within Walt Disney World is $8-13 per trip.
This works out to be around one-third to half the cost of a Mears taxi for the same distance.

Average Uber cost from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando’s drop-off point is $15-18 per trip.

Average wait for a pick-up at Walt Disney World is 4-8 minutes.
By now, all regular security check-point and parking plaza Cast Members are familiar with the Uber service, and will allow drivers to pass (without paying for parking) if they show an ID and indicate they are there for guest drop-off.

DO NOT show your Annual Pass or parking voucher at the parking plazas, as your driver will be directed to regular parking, which is farther away from the front entrance of parks than the guest drop-off points.
Surge pricing is becoming less common in Orlando as more drivers flock to the area, but if there is a surge, it’s most likely to occur around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Lyft and Uber pickups are now allowed at Orlando Airport,there’s an airport surcharge added to your tab, but it’s not too bad. Uber drop-offs are also allowed at the airport.

Drivers can see your GPS location, but sometimes the system is a bit wonky. Immediately after requesting an Uber, message the driver and indicate your exact location.

To decrease your wait time for a pickup, drop a pin for the location where you want the pickup as you walk to that location, but be sure you can beat the driver there based on the estimated arrival time (e.g. If you’re walking from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary and the nearest driver is 4 minutes away, drop the pickup pin at the Contemporary’s lobby and request a ride when walking through the intersection leading to the Contemporary.) Our average actual wait for a ride is about 2-3 minutes utilizing this method.

Uber has unveiled the Uber + Car Seat in Orlando, which will bring parents an Uber vehicle with a car seat inside, on-demand.